WES Spelling Bee 2023!

WES Spelling Bee 2023!
Posted on 01/20/2023
WES Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to all of our WES Spelling Bee Winners! 

Students competed in classroom spelling bees to see who would compete in this year's school wide spelling bee.   Classroom winners included Addaley Brady, Brailen Mitchell, Kavious Patterson, Nickolas GarciaSosa, Aiden Russell, Gracie Stimpson, Gabrielle Tesauro, Isaiah Tuft, Madilynn Watson, Leland Webber, and Gracie Willis.

Classroom spelling bee winners went on to compete in the school wide spelling bee held on January 18.

After 44 rounds, Madilynn Watson was named WES 2023 Spelling Bee Champ and Addaley Brady was named WES Spelling Bee Runner Up. 

Madilynn will go on to compete in the Cleveland County District Wide Spelling Bee on February 16.

We wish Madilynn the best of luck!